Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Updated Temp Control

Last night I insulated my primary bucket with the towels around my brew belt. I checked this morning before riding off to work and the fermenter was sitting at 68 degrees. The brew belt alone was struggling to keep the temps at 58, so by adding the towels I was able to raise the temps that 10 degrees to keep the fermentation running strong. I pulled the towels off but left the belt on. I don't want it to get too hot. I figure it'll be about 66 when I get back from work. Another probably more visually pleasing material I could use would be a sort of neoprene material, just like a beer coozy. They make these for carboys, but I haven't seen them taylor made for buckets. I might look into buying some raw material and having my wife sew on some zippers. I'll save that for another day. Back to work!

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