Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Big Spill

I had a feeling it would happen.

It was probably the hops expanding as they soaked up the beer that caused it to overflow. I came home from work to find this little puppy looking pretty sad. I sanitized my auto syphon, a small piece of hose, a new airlock and stopper setup, and two 22oz bombers. Filled the bottles with beer so I'm not really wasting any of it. Stuck the new airlock setup on top and am good to go for another week and a half of dry hopping, this time with no worries from this beer. I opened my 4 lbs bag of corn sugar I hadn't gotten into since May, and put about a 1/4 teaspoon of corn sugar into each bottle to prime them. I didn't think much about correct amounts to add, I just decided to wing it. I'll have to keep a close eye on these though. I thought the hose in the neck of the bottle would act like my bottling wand and displace a bit of beer so when I pull it out there's a good half to full inch of head space. Didn't happen. One is damn near filled to the brim, and the other one has about a 1/4" from the cap. I'll watch them. They are more for fun, if they turn out then they are bonus beers. I just don't want them to turn into bottle bombs. We'll see. It seems like there's always something to do with this hobby.

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