Saturday, April 28, 2012

Outside Brewing

I took the brewery outdoors for the day last weekend. The plan was to brew a beer with a group of guys who aren't home brewers, but who like beer. I asked what they would like to brew, and I got 1 answer from 1 person. Stella Artois. There were 6 guys invited. So I put together a recipe to try and make a premium commercial lager. So I took the brewery across the house to the deck. I had to brew a beer for Memorial Day weekend and decided to re-make the Sunset Pale Ale that turned out so well. By the time the guys had showed up around lunch I had the Pale Ale finished and pitched. The Lager was mashing while everyone showed up. We dodged dog attacks, child attacks, and wife attacks throughout the brew day. In the end all things turned out well. I finally got the fridge dialed in at 50 degrees to ferment the lager. In a couple weeks I'll shift it to secondary and turn down the temp. The Ale is doing great, it seems the ambient temps are perfect for ales in the garage right now. It should be just right for memorial day weekend.

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